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It has been a while since Elok develops and produce products for Hazardous Areas worldwide. Are you interested in what exactly Hazardous Area mean? Keep reading then.

According to a definition of an Electrical Engineering Portal, the principal factors relevant to the classifications of hazardous areas are the nature of the gases or dust present in the potentially explosive atmosphere and the likelihood of that atmosphere being present. To summarize these factors, the concept of ‘zone classification’ has been developed.

Zone 0 for areas with a constant presence of explosive gas, e. g. in pipes or containers.

Zone 1 for areas with an occasional presence of explosive gas, e. g. areas close to pipes or draining stations

Zone 2 for areas where the explosive gas is present rarely or only exists for a short time, e. g. areas close to Zones 0 and 1

Ex Zones


The atmosphere’s nature is characterized by the chemical composition of the gas or dust and its auto-ignition temperature.

The triangle represents oxygen, fuel (flammable gas, vapor, liquid, and also dust), and a source of ignition (a spark or a high temperature). All these three are required to create an explosion. If any side of the hazardous triangle can be removed, then a fire or explosion hazard cannot exist.

Elok, as skilled Electrical & Explosion Proof specialist and manufacturer of the complete range of ATEX and IECEx, can secure customers worldwide against possible danger coming from an explosive environment for Zone 0-2. Know more of our products at (odkaz na elok.cz/products).

Source: https://electrical-engineering-portal.com/how-do-we-define-hazardous-areas

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